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There is a $50.00 fee to reserve the pavilion. This must be paid upon confirmation of your reservation. We are pleased that you are choosing Kohenís Park for your special event. In order to keep the park a safe and healthy place for everyone who visits, we ask that you and your guests follow the following rules:
1. No smoking or pets allowed.
2. No charcoal grills allowed and no confetti or pinatas..
3. No food, candy or drinks allowed in the playground area or sandbox.
4. Adult supervision is required at all times The gate must be closed. The stage is off limits.
5. No decorations may be hung on the pavilion itself and no tape can be used on the picnic tables.
6. Kohenís Park is a park for children. Adults should choose their language and actions accordingly. .

I have read and agree to the above stated rules. I understand that it is my responsibility to ensure that my guests comply also. Kohen's Park is privately owned. Your tax dollars do not support the park. Random monitoring is done before, during and after parties and events. They are also recorded. There should be no expectation of privacy. Violation of rules by you or your guest will result in denial of future use of Kohen's Park.

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